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Our terms and conditions are set out blow please read caerfully before you sign up to advertise in The Calderdale Business Gazette.


Advertisers must meet these terms and conditions to advertise in our The Calderdale Business Gazette


1.   We at The Calderdale business gazette can not accept damages or loss caused be printing mistakes. e.g. wrong telephone number


2.   If you sign up for a mouths advertising and you back out then they will be a fee of £15 pounds to pay and if you sign up for three mouths advertising




3.   If The Calderdale Business Gazette have to send out a second invoice then a further £5 will be added to your bill.


4.   Advertisements are accepted on the understanding that the information of service product is 100% accurate.


5.   Your advertisement should be submitted by the deadline of every month.


6.   Advertisements submitted to The Calderdale Business Gazette must be in one of these formats: Microsoft Word, JPEG or PDF. They should be sent by email to or posted on disk.


7.   Please make sure that your advertisement is not copyrighted if you are supplying your own advertisement as The Calderdale business gazette shall not be made responsible as it is your job to make sure that your advertisement is not copyrighted.


8.   If you wish to use an advert designed by The Calderdale Business Gazette you will have to get permission off us.


9.   We will refuse advertisements which may cause offensive to the public. Or we will refuse advertisements that offer again services that may cause upset or offensive to the general public.   




10. When you book your advertisement you are agreeing to pay the ad price by the deadline. The due date will be stated on your invoice.


11. We have the right to change our distribution area at our discretion without prior warning.


12. We have the right to change our terms and conditions at any time and if they do change we will email you or post the new terms and conditions to you within 7 days.


13. We do not offer refunds if your advertisement is not successful as the money covers our printing costs.





The Calderdale Business Gazette

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Managing Director

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Managing Director

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