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The Calderdale Business Gazette was founded by Liam Siddall and Sam Roper. We started preparing the website in 2007 and we are bringing it out in 2008. The magazine will be avaliable to the public free of charge. It will be avaliable in WHSmith if not delivered to your home in Elland,Westvale or Exley or Rastrick. If you still can't get hold of a copy get intouch with us. If the magazine is avaliable we will send you a copy. The Calderdale Business Gazette Advertises business in Calderdale and the calderdale business gazette supports our local community and our main aim is to improve our local area and with local peoples support we can acheive our goal of having a better community and  we thank all businesses for their support this month.  Thankyou


Samuel Roper

Managing Director

The Calderdale Business Gazette


Liam Siddall

Managing Director

The Calderdale Business Gazette



The calderdale business gazette is based in calderdale and we deliver to elland and westvale and exley and rastrick and we hope to spread our delivery destination to a wider area but we cant do that without local business support.


The Calderdale Business Gazette

4 Ennerdale Drive

Mr S Roper
Managing Director

Mr L Siddall
Managing Director

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